42 Degrees of Truth by Victoria Ray



Rating: 3/5

Gasping for breath beneath piles of emotions hoarded over the years is a beautiful mess called 42 degrees of truth. It is a voice inside your head that will echo out your loudest fears, worries, bruises and meet them with honest care and kindness. At first read it may seem to be a harsh take on society at large and a negative and critical view towards its issues but a closer look reveals the soft core that tends with charisma of a professional artist.

Artful and poignant, 42 degrees of Truth is set at a length of 136 pages which is a tad bit lengthy for a poetry book. It includes personal rantings about the harshness of life, the difficulties of women and the double standards of society in their treatment towards women. The collection is very fresh and invigorating. It jumps straight to the point and stares point blank in your face with hard truths that will makes readers ponder, gape and chuckle at the darker sides of life.

But it is not funny neither is it meant to poke fun. It is revelatory, full of suspense yet feels like home. Every time a line is read, it echoes deeper thoughts and wiser meanings that only a very thoughtful and emotive person can resonate such as “Well, weak minds have no ears, they say.

It is believed,

Those, without a heart… can’t hear itself.

What a sad way to spend this life!”

Minimalism is what the book tends towards and there are illustrations throughout the book but only in black and white pencil drawings or doodles. What is extremely eye catching is the cover photo and it has been done to perfection. It is rather too colourful in contrast to the grimness that lies within but that is what makes the poems realistic.

They reflect on the silver lining while dwindling on the absurd and notions that caricaturise ignorance and neglect prevalent in the society. However, a word of caution to readers who are not used to or fond of reading modern poetry will find the collection fragmented and disjointed.

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